Roman and Greek Art

BLOG THEME: Pics of sculptures, frescoes, mosaics, and other works of art from the ancient Rome and Greece. Also occasional artworks from other cultures if I find them interesting. There will also be links to ancient books/texts, databases and news relating to ancient Rome/Greece. Some of the pics are taken by me but there will be also a lots of reblogging.

20/03/13 - A tag page added
20/03/13 - Heiden National Museum of Antquities added into links page. A magnificent site.
03/04/13 - A new page "translated e-books" created
17/05/13 - Online database of Ancient Art added into Ancient World Resources page
17/06/14 - Online catalogue of Archaeological Museum of Delphi added to "Ancient World Resources Page"
28/06/14- Strabo´s book Geography added to e-books subpage

Ancient Rome Architecture
Medieval Europe in Pics
Ancient Greece - Buildings
Art G4llery
History In Pics
Zillion Wonders of the World

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An ancient Roman roman board game from Augusta Raurica. IIRC it looks pretty similar to the board game one can see in Forum Romanum.

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